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Join us at Bristol Museum for an immersive screening of the Nineties classic Jumanji. Banish the lull between Christmas and New Year with this new take on an old favourite. Expect to be drawn into the magic like never before in the incredible setting of Bristol Museum’s main hall with a light show designed to bring the film to life.


1995 | PG | 100 mins

Alan Parrish disappeared from his home after discovering a mysterious board game, Jumanji. Twenty six years, later, two orphaned children move to his old home with their aunt, and find the game in the attic. When they begin to play, they unleash chaos as the game conjures jungle animals, killer vines – and an adult Alan (Robin Williams). With the help of Alan’s childhood friend Sarah, they must finish playing the game before the magical creatures it has created destroy their town.

Starring:  Robin Williams | Kirsten Dunst | Bonnie Hunt

Director: Joe Johnston

Screenplay: Greg Taylor | Jonathan Hensleigh | Jim Strain

Producer: Scott Kroopf | William Teitler


THEY SAY: “The CGI creeping vines, capering monkeys, attacking alligators, fluttering bats, hungry lions and stampeding hordes are genuinely amazing: as hyper-real and odd looking as Van Allsburg’s original illustrations.” (Kim Newman, EmpireOnline)

WE SAY: This film is funny, heart-warming, exciting – and a complete nostalgia trip. It now possesses a sort of ‘alternative classic’ status, and the charming story at its core means it can hold its ground in today’s world of CGI-dominated movies.




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  • Kitty O'Keefe
  • Mr ATom
  • Melanie Bergin
  • Andrew Doidge
  • Alex Bacon
  • Dinesh Nirgunananthan
  • Sara Scott
  • Linda Collins
  • Daniel Bywater
  • Adam Walker
  • Katherine Leaming
  • Kayleigh Morris
  • Mark Deverell
  • Jordan Addis
  • Marta Smyk
  • Maiya Moss-Durston
  • Joanne Hodge
  • Louise Summers
  • Jack Beresford
  • Christina Fletcher
  • Jennifer Tovey
  • Hannah Best
  • Becky Harris
  • John Lawson
  • Lisa Groves
  • Ella Burke
  • Franki Brewer
  • Jennifer Bell
  • Zoe Darnell
  • Jo Paddock
  • Charlotte Hearn
  • Stacey-May Fox
  • Kirstie De Beaufort
  • Jessica Weare
  • Kate Griffiths
  • Kendall Dyer
  • Lucy Rees
  • Will Mellors
  • Dean Horler
  • Faye Partridge
  • Fennel Maya
  • briony moore
  • Stacey Bennett
  • Elizabeth Holbrook
  • Jessica Close
  • Sallyanne Parry
  • michelle mills
  • Bridget Butler-Henderson
  • Sakshi Buttoo
  • Ela Good
  • Niall Tohill-O'Neill
  • Niomi Argyle
  • miriam soteriou
  • Leanne Bignell
  • Natasha Passco
  • Sarah Miller
  • Mark Brady
  • Tom Weller
  • Cara Bamford
  • lisa morgan
  • Lauren Jones
  • James Webb
  • Kay Taylor
  • Sophia Ramplin
  • Kate Territo
  • susan storey
  • Sharon Wiltshire
  • Arty Jetullaji
  • Emily Corry
  • Molly Kilbey
  • Sharon Ranahan
  • shannon Edwards-Brown
  • Alex Robbins
  • Rhiannon Williams
  • Mrs Taylor
  • Penny Lancaster
  • Ben Nicholls
  • Ella maggs
  • Vicki Moon
  • Amy Murdoch-Davis
  • Gemma Compton
  • Laura Cobbold
  • Joseph Butler
  • Nicholas Chappell
  • Kinda Savarino
  • Laura Barber
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