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Interview With The Vampire


Saturday 27th October | Doors: 18:45 | Film Start: 19:00 | Approx. End: 21:15

Our 2018 Vintage Screening season continues witha double bill ‘Vampire Weekend’ in the buildup to Halloween, including the modern Gothic classic Interview With The Vampire. Take your seats in Averys cellars, accompanied by a mouth-watering selection of wines picked by Averys resident experts – for this screening, we will be enjoying a mix of French and American wines, in keeping with the film’s major locations.

Guests enjoy sparkling wine on arrival, with bread and cheese courtesy of Arch House Deli to enjoy during the film, along with four carefully chosen wines that are served at points throughout the film (details announced soon).

Please make sure that you have read the guidelines contained in the Important Information tab above before booking your tickets.

Interview With The Vampire

1994 | 18 | 122 mins

In modern-day San Francisco, an enigmatic figure begins telling his story to an eager young journalist. His story begins in the 18th Century, where a suicidal man is convinced by a mysterious stranger to choose immortality over death and transform from human into vampire – he accepts, but eternal life proves to be as much of a curse as a gift…

Starring: Brad Pitt | Tom Cruise | Kirsten Dunst | Stephen Rea | Antonio Banderas | Christian Slater
Director: Neil Jordan
Screenplay: Anne Rice
Producer: David Geffen | Stephen Woolley

THEY SAY: Both Rice and Jordan take [the vampire legend], with its abundant possibilities for looking ridiculous, and play it as tragedy […] a skillful exercise in macabre imagination.” – Roger Ebert, 1994

WE SAY: Producer David Geffen legendarily poured over $70 million into the budget of this film, allowing for Rice’s vision to be truly explored – and it shows. It’s a spectacle of set and costume design, but the cast’s performances – especially a 12-year-old Kirsten Dunst performing (literally) beyond her years…! – are what make this pitch dark fable a cult classic.



  • Due to the nature of this event, it is strictly for over-18s.
  • Both festival staff and venue staff reserve the right to refuse entry to anybody who cannot produce valid ID if requested