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SOLD OUT: Gravity

To Infinity…

Saturday 27th October | Doors: 20:45 | Film Start: 21:15 | Approx. end: 23:00

Join us at the launch of our new series in the Planetarium at We The Curious, bringing you the finest films from the final frontier! Visit this brilliant venue after hours to enjoy movies for an out of this world experience.

The second film in our inaugural To Infinity series is the Oscar-winning, vertigo-inducing space survival thriller Gravity.



2013 | 12A | 91 mins

At the Hubble Space Telescope, two astronauts – one a veteran, one on her first mission – are carrying out servicing work when a debris cloud causes catastrophic damage to their vessel. Stranded in space and with the debris cloud set to return, the pair are forced to race against time to reach safety and avoid a terrifying, lonely death in outer space.

Starring: Sandra Bullock | George Clooney | Ed Harris (voice)

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Screenplay: Alfonso Cuarón | Jonás Cuarón

Producer: Alfonso Cuarón | David Heyman



THEY SAY: A great movie is hard to define. So let Gravity do it for you. With enthralling detail, it offers thrills, humor, dazzle, disaster, poetic vision and mythic reach […] Cuarón turns Gravity into a thing of transcendent beauty and terror. It’s more than a movie. It’s some kind of miracle.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone, 2013

WE SAY: Visually astonishing and conceptually terrifying, Gravity masterfully balances the unfathomably vast void of space with Bullock’s exceptional, emotional performance. A film to lose yourself in – and definitely one worth seeing on the big screen.