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Dracula (1958)

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Classic Horror In The Caves

Saturday 21st October | DOORS: 12:00 | FILM START: 12:05 | APPROX END: 13:30 

Bristol Film Festival returns to Redcliffe Caves this Halloween with 13 classic and contemporary horror movies to sink your teeth into. Pass through our military clearance and venture deep into the caves – there have been recent unconfirmed reports of inexplicable, possibly paranormal activity within the site’s many passages and chambers, and we’d like you to go first and check for us…

We’ll be selling a selection of ales onsite from our festival beer partner Wickwar Brewing, so whether you’re a horror aficionado, a thrill-seeker, or looking for something out of the ordinary, it’s the perfect setting… if you’re brave enough to stomach the venue!

For just £10, catch our early matinee performances of some vintage horror movies, as part of our Classic Horror screenings.


1958 | 12 | 82 mins

Searching for his missing friend, Jonathan Harker, vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing arrives at Count Dracula’s castle. There he discovers the grisly reason behind his friend’s disappearance, and sets about to end the Count’s reign of terror before he claims another victim.

Starring: Christopher Lee | Peter Cushing | Michael Gough

Director: Terence Fisher 

Producer: Anthony Hinds

Screenplay: Jimmy Sangster

THEY SAY: “Of all the Dracula horror pictures thus far produced, this one, made in Britain and photographed in Technicolor, tops them all. Its shock impact is, in fact, so great that it may well be considered as one of the best horror films ever made. What makes this picture superior is the expert treatment that takes full advantage of the story’s shock values.” – Harrison’s Reports, 1958

WE SAY: This famous version of the legend – also known as Horror Of Dracula for its US release – is the very first Hammer Horror film to feature Dracula, played by the inimitable Christopher Lee (ably supported by Peter Cushing and Michael Gough). It’s a rightful classic that is still sinister and spine-chilling to this day, mainly thanks to Lee’s hypnotic performance as the eponymous count.


  • The Underground Cinema is a strictly over-18 only venue. Our stewards reserve the right to refuse entry to those who they believe to be under 18 who cannot produce photographic ID. Refunds will not be issued if somebody who fails to produce ID is subsequently refused entry to the venue.
  • Due to the cave’s status as a protected environment, no food is permitted into the venue. Drinks will only be permitted into the venue in plastic containers.
  • Please be aware that drunken or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated in the caves. If an individual appears to be under the influence of alcohol, or is acting in a manner deemed inappropriate by our staff, they may be removed from the venue.
  • It is advisable to wear warm, weather appropriate clothing in the caves as well as sturdy, appropriate footwear. The caves can be cold, particularly at night, and are uneven underfoot in places.
  • Please follow the instructions of onsite stewards at all times, and remain on the clearly designated paths. Failure to do so may result in your removal from the premises. In the case of an emergency, please follow the instructions of event stewards at all times.

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