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Ben Akers and Claire Wilkinson: Spotlight Session

MONDAY 27TH MAY | DOORS: 13:45 | APPROX END: 14:45

Ben Akers and Claire Wilkinson: Spotlight Session

Filmmaker Ben Akers and producer Claire Wilkinson discuss their career, collaborations, and the challenges of documentary filmmaking in this in-depth interview.


Ben Akers and Claire Wilkinson, co Founders of Made With and Goodfest Cornwall.
Ben spent 20 years in advertising as a Creative, Creative Director, before turning his evil powers to good.  Co founding Made With and now Writes and Directs behaviour change documentaries that are good for the world. 
Claire is the Producer and more pragmatic side of the partnership. After years of travelling the world as a professional dancer, she then embarked on a new career in TV production at the multi award winning Jungle Entertainment in Sydney.  
There she learnt how to make films without fear. And that’s why Claire and Ben are such a formidable team. 
Ben and Claire have been married for 9 years, have 3 children, 1 cat and live in Southville. 


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