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Alien in the Planetarium

Friday 1st November | Doors: 18:20 | Film Begins: 18:40 | Approximate End: 20:40

Experience Ridley Scott’s classic Alien back on the big screen at the Planetarium, for the third of our ‘To Infinity…’ series. Take your seats in the incredible Planetarium for a series of space films on the big screen. Explore the Planetarium’s incredible exhibits before the screening and see if you’re cut out for a life in space!

The crew of the Nostromo respond to a distress signal coming from a remote – and apparently deserted planet. There, they find the ancient wreckage of an extraterrestrial vessel – and an unspeakable horror lurking within.



1979 | 18 | 117 mins

The crew of commercial spaceship Nostromo are awoken from cryo-sleep by a remote distress beacon. Tracing it to an apparently deserted planet, they find a nest of alien eggs in an abandoned space ship. When the nest is disturbed, an unlucky crew member is attacked by a parasite inside one of the eggs. He is brought back aboard the crew’s own vessel, and appears to recover – but not for long. The team quickly realise they are now trapped aboard with an unknown and deadly alien entity.

Starring: Sigourney Weaver | Tom Skerritt | Ian Holm | Harry Dean Stanton | Yaphet Kotto | Veronica Cartwright | John Hurt
Director: Ridley Scott
Screenplay: Dan O’Bannon
Producer: Gordon Carroll | David Giler | Walter Hill



  • Doors for this event will open at 18:20. The film will commence  at approximately 18:40. The event will conclude at approximately 20:40
  • Wheelchair spaces are available in the Planetarium (please contact us in advance to arrange)
  • Licensing restrictions do not allow for external food and drink to be brought into the venue for this event – however, there will be an opportunity to purchase cinema snacks and drinks before the film.
  • The BBFC have rated this film 18.
  • This film will be screened without subtitles.
  • For more information, please refer to our FAQ section or Contact Us.