07 Feb 2018

Close-Up: Underground Cinema

Between now and the launch of our Spring series in March, we will be posting a series of ‘close-ups’ on our various series. Bristol Film Festival runs 10 key series throughout the year, which cover a range of differently themed film events. Taking centre stage this week is the Underground Cinema… 

The Underground Cinema is a pop-up cinema in Redcliffe Caves. Taking place twice a year, it’s the perfect setting for our series of cult, classic and controversial movies, not to mention our Halloween ‘Horror In The Caves’, where you can catch everything from Scream to The Descent.

In addition to the films themselves, get ready to experience an immersive environment quite unlike any other. With theming throughout the caves, you’ll quickly forget that you’re in the city centre, and be transported into an underground world where nothing is quite what you expect…

This year, we’re delighted to be continuing with a series of cult classics, including Donnie Darko, Edward Scissorhands and Mulholland Drive. Our specially priced matinee screenings are also back for the second time, offering the chance to see two stalwarts of cinema – the original Cape Fear and Peeping Tom – for a bargain £10. For those who like their subterranean cinemas with a bit more horror, catch late night Saturday screening Raw

We’ll also shortly be announcing films for our Halloween ‘Horror In The Caves’ screenings, so subscribe to our mailing list today to keep up to date with what’s going on!